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We, the youth of today are fed up with the status quo, we’re dissapointed in the UK government for failing us on almost every part of the ambitious targets set for 2020 that were aimed at tackling climate change and saving biodiversity. We’re failing as a nation, as a global leader and as a visionary like we once were. We, as individuals should not have to feel like we’re in quicksand dragging something else down to keep afloat, funding needs to be given to this cause in abundance so that a nationwide approach can be adopted.

Park usage has increased due to COVID-19 and they’re often awfully kept, have a lacking amount of biodiversity, filled with litter and really feel unsafe at night. How is that possible in the 21st Century?
This shows a need to increase the quality of those areas as most parks have had funding cut for years.

We are supporting our Letter to the PM – which had over 50+ signatories from NGO’s, organisations and business with this petition for the INDIVIDUALS who want to support this message.
Two streams of support will showcase our message isn’t exclusive to those that would benefit from it but also that as a society we mean to change. The Government has released a 10 point plan as of today but we intend to ask for more, this was not enough for us.

Our CHANGE.ORG petition is now live!!!

Demand that the UK Government invests in giving everyone equal access to nature

Shariqa Zia, an organising team member for us speaks from the heart about our desperate need to increase nature access for all.

Sign the petition, share it and help bring #NatureNearby for all no matter where you live in the UK.

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