We’re recruiting for our Advisory Committee!

We know that there are a  number of areas where we know we can improve our performance, knowledge and outcomes. An Advisory Committee would help us to ensure that our actions as an organisation and a movement are as impactful as they can be and are embedded in evidence, accuracy, and expertise. 

We are currently seeking advisors with the following expertise:

List of positions:

  1. Diversity & inclusion 
  2. Social media 
  3. Campaign strategy  
  4. Political strategy  
  5. Mental health & education 

Our initial proposal would be for an average of 1 day/month. However, the structure of the advisor’s position would be tailored according to their skills, expertise, availability, and own ideas, investment, and requirements. This time would be used mainly by the core Organising Team and would perhaps include: 

  • Review of strategy documents, according to area of expertise, and suggestions for improvement 
  • Review of campaign materials, according to area of expertise, and suggestions for improvement 
  • Open discussions and general training and advice 
  • Targeted sessions for wider members of the team 
  • Specific questions that would be addressed to advisors only once we had undertaken research and attempted to come up with solutions ourselves.

If you’re interested or want to find out more, please email: ukyouthfornature@gmail.com 

Thank you! 

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