Our Nature Nearby campaign is Going National

As part of our Nature Nearby campaign, last year we sent a letter to Boris Johnson about equal access to nature. Now, we are expanding the campaign and today have sent letters to the governments of Scotland and Wales, with a letter to the government of Northern Ireland coming in the next few weeks.

The letters are calling on these governments to increase the quality, quantity, and accessibility of green and blue spaces around the UK and have been signed by a group of organisations including Butterfly Conservation, RSPB Cymru, The Marine Conservation Society, and The Woodland Trust Cymru.

Click here to read the letter to the Scottish government. To read the letter to the Senedd, click here for the English version, or here for the Welsh version.

How to get involved

Would you like to join us to ensure that the UK governments take note of this campaign and commit to ensuring that everyone has Nature Nearby?

One quick and easy way to help is to sign and share our petition to the UK governments here.

You can also write to your MP/MS/MSP to draw their attention to the campaign. We know this can feel a bit daunting, so we have compiled resources to help you to write your letter which you can access here.

If you are an organisation in Scotland or Wales who would like to sign the letter in support, or an organisation in Northern Ireland and would like to hear more about the upcoming letter to the government of Northern Ireland, please click here.

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