About Us

UK Youth for Nature is the UK’s leading youth-led network calling on the politicians & governments of the UK to take urgent action and tackle the loss of nature.

Image of a bee pollinating a purple flower.

We are the youth voice fighting for the UK’s nature and wildlife.

We run a range of campaigns to put political pressure on the governments and politicians of the UK. Through issue-led online and live campaigns, we target politicians, create content, develop strategies, work with organisations and individuals on-the-ground, and provide a platform for young people to speak up and be heard.

We are as strong as our network. Being part of UKY4N means helping to build and implement our campaigns, contacting politicians, sharing content on social media, sharing your opinions, and bringing us a bit (or a lot) of your love for wildlife and nature. You can join our Organising Team or our Network – see below for more info.

We value:

  • Youth empowerment – young people and future generations deserve a voice in political decisions today, but are often marginalised from these decisions.
  • Skills and opportunities – providing young people with the skills and platform to voice their opinions and concerns is essential for a more resilient future.
  • Nature and wildlife – the natural world has intrinsic beauty and value, an important role in people’s mental and physical health, and a crucial foundational role for our economy by providing breathable air, clean water, fertile soils, and a huge store of carbon.
  • Diversity – inclusivity is vital to any environmental or political movement and we are seeking to drive this through our Network, our Organising Team, and our projects and campaigns. We need to lead by an example that we hope others will follow. 

2021 will be one of the most important years ever for the environment. A UK youth movement for nature has never been more necessary.

2021 dates we’re building towards: 

  • a new Global Oceans Treaty covering 50% of the world’s surface
  • the UN Biodiversity Summit (COP15) will set new global targets for 2030
  • the UN Climate Summit (COP26, hosted by the UK in Glasgow) will see countries explain how they will cut emissions in line with net zero
  • a UN summit on progress against the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Biodiversity and nature continue to plummet around the world and in the UK
  • continuing our current campaigns and starting new ones.

Find out more about how to Get Involved!

Find out more about our campaigns and the work we do!

A quick note on what we ‘don’t’ do….

We recognise that there is already a vibrant UK youth movement for climate (UK Youth Climate Coalition, Youth4Nature and UKSCN) and we don’t need to replicate what they do, but we do work with them and stand shoulder to shoulder with them where needed.

We don’t pressure companies – our purpose is to put pressure on politicians and governments in the UK and to see systemic political and policy change that stops the nature crisis and restores the natural environment. 

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