UK Youth for Nature is the UK’s leading youth-led network calling on politicians & governments for urgent action to tackle the loss of nature.

Many of us have grown up with plummeting wildlife as a fact of life. Species that we know and love have declined rapidly in the course of our lives, and some of them may go extinct from the UK during our lifetime.

This nature emergency is putting us on track to disaster as much as the climate emergency. In the next 10 years, world leaders and governments need to put the loss of nature into reverse and invest in restoring ecosystems and species.

At forthcoming major UN conferences in 2020 and 2021, they have the chance to do just this. UK governments and politicians must follow this up with concerted action at home to turn around the loss of nature. According to the most recent State of Nature report (2019), 41% of species are declining, and 13% in the UK are threatened with extinction.

We also recognise that the decline of habitats, the pollution of our air and water, and the lack of access to nature is not an issue that sits on its own. It is tied to other injustices and inequalities in society, including (but not limited to) the marginalisation of people from BAME/BIPOC communities, people with disabilities, and those with lower incomes.

At present, our focus is on equal access to nature through our Nature Nearby campaign, the loss of wildlife through our Vanishing campaign, and the burning and destruction of the UK’s peatlands. Our projects and focuses may change over time, but our priority will always be calling for urgent action on the loss of nature in the UK.

You can get involved by joining our mailing list or WhatsApp groups, or maybe even by getting involved in our Organising Team.

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