Belfast Ormeau Wild Wall


Species Info:

 The wall of LWR Ormeau Cafe & Guest House facing Farnham Street.

Map below

Date Completed:
15th September 2021


Iconic photorealist and abstract artist Emic, whose work is located across the UK and Europe, will be painting a Belfast Wild Wall. Emic also participated in the Graficalia Street Arts Festival in Colombia, facilitated by the British Council. He is currently leading a new wave of murals across his home town of Belfast and is one of Belfast’s most recognisable names in street art.


Hit the North Street Art Festival


RSPB NI reserves are dotted across Northern Ireland and are dedicated to protect nature. They are involved in incredible work conserving wildlife and habitats, educating adults and children about nature, bringing the public closer to nature to inspire them to protect it and work across a diverse range of policy areas. 

Seedhead Arts are a creative company who organise a range of events from Street Art, Cabaret, Magic, Philosophy, Politics, Creative Industries Training and more. Alongside Hennessy, Seedhead Arts will be running the Hit The North Street Art Festival on Union Street and Kent Street. This festival will be bringing amazing artists, some of the world’s best, to Belfast on the 5th of September. We are so excited that the mural Emic will be painting for Natural Kingdom Wild Walls will be part of this festival.

Political Engagement

Northern Ireland is in the middle of a nature and climate emergency. To revive our world, we need:

  • Targets in law to protect and restore nature by 2030
  • A NI Climate Change Bill that reduces emissions to net zero in harmony with nature
  • Green Recovery from the pandemic that ensures funding to rebuild our economy tackles the nature and climate emergency too
  • An Independent NI Environmental Protection Agency that can hold the businesses and individuals to account if they break the laws against nature


  1. To put pressure on politicians in the lead up to COP26 to commit to protecting nature
  2. To increase awareness of issues surrounding local nature + biodiversity

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Premade Post (for socials)

Another habitat has arrived in Northern Ireland! This mural is part of @UKYouth4Nature‘s growing #NaturalKingdom: #WildWalls campaign, aiming to emphasise the links between the #ClimateCrisis and the UK’s #NatureCrisis 🌿


Species/habitat info and links:

Find out more about the Eurasian Curlew, a priority species in Northern Ireland and the brilliant bird that features on our second Belfast wall. The wall also focuses on the bogland of Northern Ireland. The conservation of peatland is incredibly important for reasons including conserving biodiversity. As for the great art, don’t miss out on the amazing street art that will be featured at the Hit The North Street Art Festival.

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