Our Nature Nearby campaign is Going National

As part of our Nature Nearby campaign, last year we sent a letter to Boris Johnson about equal access to nature. Now, we are expanding the campaign and today have sent letters to the governments of Scotland and Wales, with a letter to the government of Northern Ireland coming in the next few weeks. TheContinue reading “Our Nature Nearby campaign is Going National”

Letter to the Prime Minister on Equal Access to Nature

This is the letter that, this morning (18 November 2020), we have sent to Boris Johnson MP, the Prime Minister of the UK: Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to you at a crucial moment in your Government’s term and ahead of the major 2021 year for the environment. Your Government is also about toContinue reading “Letter to the Prime Minister on Equal Access to Nature”

Protect Peatlands, #BanTheBurn

UK peatlands store 20 years’ worth of the UK’s annual emissions of carbon below the ground, store water, and provide habitat for rare wildlife such as golden plover, curlews, and sundew plants. But in England many peatlands are still set fire to every year, as grouse moors burn the heather. It is claimed that thisContinue reading “Protect Peatlands, #BanTheBurn”