A little Bird Told Me…#4 :

Edition: Oceans by Joe Wilkins At time of writing, many people around the country are heading to the coast.  Why do we flock to the coast? Is it the open space? The cooling sea breeze? The sounds? I guess everybody has their own reasons for wanting to be beside the sea (we’d love to hearContinue reading “A little Bird Told Me…#4 :”

A little bird told me… #3

Edition: Hedge of Glory By Glesni & Alanna Farming is a way of cultivating a relationship with the more-than-human world. It connects us to our own web of life and joins up the dots on how our harvesting and cultivation impacts those around us – for better or for worse. When done with respect toContinue reading “A little bird told me… #3”

Our Nature Nearby campaign is Going National

As part of our Nature Nearby campaign, last year we sent a letter to Boris Johnson about equal access to nature. Now, we are expanding the campaign and today have sent letters to the governments of Scotland and Wales, with a letter to the government of Northern Ireland coming in the next few weeks. TheContinue reading “Our Nature Nearby campaign is Going National”

A little bird told me… #2

Edition: Connect to Roaming Land. It’s all around us. But what comes to mind when you think of ‘land’? There is a tendency for our minds to wander to the familiar portrayal of it as large swathes of farmed fields that exist autonomously and seperate from the spaces we live in; far from towns andContinue reading “A little bird told me… #2”

The power of Awe: How nature changed my outlook on my place in the world

By Ella Gregory Nature has an almost hidden power to elicit grand emotions from us. This concept, in literature, is called the sublime and is defined by the Tate as ‘a quality of greatness or grandeur that inspires awe and wonder…a source of inspiration for artists and writers, particularly in relation to the natural landscape.‘Continue reading “The power of Awe: How nature changed my outlook on my place in the world”

Ecosystem Services and Nature Based Solutions

People think this because the things mentioned above such as food and wood fuel are labelled as “renewable”. If a resource is renewable, it is meant to mean we will always be able to have it, however, this is often not the case. It can happen where over exploitation occurs – thinking it’ll never run out – yet an infinite resource can turn finite.

‘Rewilding’ at different spatial scales

The biodiversity crisis is real, and we require serious action to avert a mass extinction and the deterioration of our self regulating planet. “Rewilding” is often posed as a solution, yet there is now much confusion about what it actually means, and, rather than slapping meaningless labels onto things, we need a clear plan to restore nature at speed and scale.

Change.org post #LIVE NOW !!! #NatureNearby

We, the youth of today are fed up with the status quo, we’re dissapointed in the UK government for failing us on almost every part of the ambitious targets set for 2020 that were aimed at tackling climate change and saving biodiversity. We’re failing as a nation, as a global leader and as a visionaryContinue reading “Change.org post #LIVE NOW !!! #NatureNearby”