Physical Access And Nature

By Monica Bhatia We all know that nature is incredibly beneficial to people of all ages, for a variety or different reasons, whether it be physical health such as going for a jog, or mental health, such as taking some time to clear your head. Now, if nature is so helpful for anyone, why isn’tContinue reading “Physical Access And Nature”

Nature Nearby: Moving beyond nature ‘access’

A guest blog by Dr Sarah Bell, University of Exeter. “I think nature has become more important to me in some ways, now that I find it harder to get to it… because it’s unnecessary that it’s harder to get to, so it feels like an unnecessary separation” This is a pertinent quote from oneContinue reading “Nature Nearby: Moving beyond nature ‘access’”

Letter to the Prime Minister on Equal Access to Nature

This is the letter that, this morning (18 November 2020), we have sent to Boris Johnson MP, the Prime Minister of the UK: Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to you at a crucial moment in your Government’s term and ahead of the major 2021 year for the environment. Your Government is also about toContinue reading “Letter to the Prime Minister on Equal Access to Nature”