A little Bird Told Me…#4 :

Edition: Oceans by Joe Wilkins At time of writing, many people around the country are heading to the coast.  Why do we flock to the coast? Is it the open space? The cooling sea breeze? The sounds? I guess everybody has their own reasons for wanting to be beside the sea (we’d love to hearContinue reading “A little Bird Told Me…#4 :”

How Birds Use Our Waters – Part 3: The High Seas

By Will Bevan This past month at UK Youth for Nature we have been celebrating our oceans and the incredible diversity of life which depends on them, including us. I have focused on birds as often overlooked inhabitants of the marine environment, heavily dependent on it as we are for food, the air we breathe,Continue reading “How Birds Use Our Waters – Part 3: The High Seas”

How Birds Use Our Waters – Part 2: UK Territorial Waters

By Will Bevan In my last blog post for UK Youth for Nature’s oceans campaign, I looked at how our coasts are crucial in supporting a huge diversity of bird species all year round. This time I’ll be travelling further out into our territorial waters, to see how the fate of the seabirds which callContinue reading “How Birds Use Our Waters – Part 2: UK Territorial Waters”

UKY4N Ocean Campaign

By Joe Wilkins Just as most* rivers eventually flow into the sea, UK Youth for Nature’s Freshwater Campaign is flowing into our Ocean Campaign. Kicking off today (8th May 2021), our campaign will focus on critical areas of focus for UK politicians such as our coasts, territorial waters, and the High Seas (those beyond nationalContinue reading “UKY4N Ocean Campaign”