Co-Director Recruitment

We’re looking for UK Youth for Nature’s future leaders.

We are recruiting for TWO new Co-Directors of UK Youth for Nature.

The Co-Directors of UK Youth for Nature are the leaders of the organisation.

We are looking for two people to take forward the organisation’s strategy, to help deliver its objectives and goals, to widen its reach, to support and nurture its culture and organising team, and to be responsible for the legal and financial elements of it.

UK Youth for Nature’s main objective is to create the political pressure needed, from young people, on governments and politicians to stop and reverse the nature crisis in the UK. We are a youth-led organisation.

This is flanked by two other key goals: making the organisation stronger and more sustainable, and by delivering training and education for the Organising Team and network.

We are going through a period of significant change – UK Youth for Nature has recently established itself as a company, and we have recently received our largest ever grant funding, giving us the chance to significantly increase our activities. We are also undertaking a re-brand of the organisation. At a time of significant change, we are looking for Co-Directors who can provide responsible and steady influence and leadership, helping the organisation to continue to achieve its core aims and some modest growth.

Time commitment

For each Co-Director:

12 months

Approximate start date: August 2022

2 days per week (we encourage flexible working – these 2 days (16 hours) can be spread across a week and need not be done in whole-day blocks)

Location: UK remote/home-based


c£200-300 per day; we would like to receive quotes as part of applications.


We are recruiting for 2 Co-Directors. Each Co-Director will have a responsibility to uphold the values of UKY4N, to commit to its development and progression, and to ensure that we meet all the requirements of our funding agreement. Further responsibilities specific to each Co-Director will be determined through the recruitment process and upon recruitment, depending on experience and interest. 

The Co-Directors of UK Youth for Nature are the organisation’s most important executive roles, responsible for managing the team, delivering the organisation’s strategy, setting its direction, and being its leading external spokespeople and representatives.

As the organisation’s leaders, the Co-Directors will also have legal and financial responsibility and accountability for the organisation, along with the Board of non-executive Directors.

Strategy & campaigns

  • Developing the 2022-23 organisational strategy and ensuring it is delivered by the team
  • Maintain an overview of all campaigns in action and work with teams to raise ambition and ensure objectives are met 
  • Get involved in campaign actions as much as you want!
  • Running regular strategy meetings with the Organising Team to ensure input from them
  • Ensuring that progress against relevant Key Performance Indicators is logged on an ongoing basis and that they are met quarterly and at the end of the year
  • Reporting when required to key funders
  • Working with key team members to turn objectives into specific projects and programmes of work

Internal relationships / communication 

  • Managing the Head of Communications and Head of Campaigning as well as any key contractors
  • Managing the Organising Team, making sure the team is functioning well and communication is clear 

External relationships 

  • Appoint and work with a volunteer Partnerships Coordinator to develop and maintain effective partnerships with a range of organisations throughout the UK, not limited to nature conservation 
  • Work with Partnerships Coordinator to develop strong relationships with other relevant youth coalitions 
  • Work with Head of Communications and Head of Campaigns to ensure an external communications strategy 


  • Taking legal responsibility for the organisation, assuring it complies with all relevant legislation.
  • Ensure that UK Youth for Nature is a safe environment for the young people involved, that it has fit for purpose safeguarding policies, processes and practices, and complies with all relevant legislation and regulation (this training and policy will be developed with support from our Board!)
  • Ensuring that KPIs and objectives of the organisation’s key funders are met.
  • Undertaking timely reporting, based on ongoing monitoring and evaluation, to funders.
  • Supporting and engaging the Board of Directors, ensuring quarterly meetings take place, and papers are prepared and circulated in advance.
  • Managing relationships with external partners, and with funders.
  • Manage and support Head of Creative and Head of Communications, as well as any temporary consultants.
  • Supporting and manage the wider Organising Team.
  • Growing the movement’s size and deepen its engagement with diverse ranges of young people from across the UK and different backgrounds.
  • Ensuring the organisation’s values are expressed through its practices.


  • Managing the finances in a responsible manner, keeping accounting documents up to date, and (working with an accountant) ensuring timely filing of accounts.
  • Working to develop a long-term financial and fundraising strategy for the organisation.

Skills and Qualifications

If you have experience in any of the areas of responsibility listed above, we would love to hear from you. We aren’t looking for expertise in each and every area! We particularly want to hear from you if you:

  • Are passionate about the natural world
  • Get excited about creative campaigning and believe that youth-led campaigns can have an impact on policymaking
  • Can adapt quickly and learn new areas of information
  • Want to be at the forefront of youth-led nature campaigning and empowering young people to get politically active on nature issues in the UK 
  • Have experience of leadership, including financial, company law, management, and strategic responsibility
  • Have experience of developing and delivering campaigns
  • Have strong inter-personal skills, can lead and nurture teams

About UK Youth for Nature

UK Youth for Nature is the UK’s leading youth-led network calling on UK governments for urgent action to tackle the nature crisis. We are made up of a movement of young people aged from 16-35.

The organisation was established in 2019, as the UK chapter of a global movement for nature, the ocean, and the climate, Youth for Our Planet.

Since 2019 UK Youth for Nature has grown significantly in size and ambition, delivering a range of successful campaigns that have helped to create the political pressure for change (e.g. a partial ban on peat burning) and secured national media coverage (BBC News, Channel 4 News, Yorkshire Post, The Times).

This year (2022-2023), we have received our first ever significant grant funding to support our work, from the European Climate Foundation. This will allow us to give our projects and campaigns a boost. It also brings with it significant new legal and financial responsibilities.

How we work:

UK Youth for Nature is made up of a combination of freelance roles and volunteers contributing in their spare time. We are an organisation established as a company, but we are also a movement and network. We are fast-paced, and act quickly when needed to campaign on key issues. Where we have time we consult with team members for input, but where time is short we are decisive.

We elevate young people into positions of responsibility, offering them the chance to lead key projects or campaigns based on their passion and interest more than their skills and experience.

We mobilise our network of young people as “infantry” who can support and amplify our campaigns through their personal social media accounts.

We rely heavily on social media and digital communication platforms such as Slack. You’ll need to be comfortable using tools like these.

We are increasing our focus on local activism, including by centring more of our campaigns and projects in local places with a view to recruiting short-term local campaigners for key campaigns.

Our mission, objectives, and values, can be found here

Our draft 2022 strategy can be found here.

To Apply: Please send a CV and cover letter, explaining in no more than 500 words, why you would like the role and why you think you could carry out the responsibilities listed and meet the skills and qualifications.

Please also send a 250-word summary of how you would take a local nature/wildlife issue in part of the UK, and use youth voice and action to turn it into a campaign for national policy change.

Please send to

DEADLINE: Midnight (BST), 19 July 2022

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