Letter to Party Leaders


To: Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon and Jo Swinson.

We would like to invite you to meet with a group from UK Youth for Nature and other young people at a special place for nature during the next few weeks of election campaigning – we’re happy to pick a location and time that works for you. 

We’d like to show you the value of investing to restore nature for wildlife, people, carbon and water. Our natural environment is in crisis and, we believe, ignored and undervalued by politicians and governments of all stripes. This cannot continue – the next government must make restoring nature one of its top priorities.

While Brexit, education and the NHS are top of the media cycle and your agendas, wildlife in the UK is plummeting. The new State of Nature reports this October showed that 41% of the UK’s wildlife has declined since 1970. Meanwhile the UK is on course to miss 14 of its 19 global biodiversity targets, and we are 189th in the world for our levels of biodiversity.

The loss of species like the cuckoo and the hedgehog isn’t just a loss to our culture and our countryside. The pollution and erosion of our soils, oceans, air and rivers threaten our food supplies and our health. The lack of access to green and blue spaces damages the mental and physical wellbeing of many. 

The climate emergency that the last parliament declared goes hand in hand with the nature crisis: climate change is one of the greatest threats to the natural world, and restoring habitats like peatlands and doubling tree cover can lock away huge amounts of carbon.

Our marine environments are also facing adversity from unsustainable and intensive fishing practices, increasingly unpredictable environmental conditions and harmful pollution. We derive such an incredible array of ecosystem services from our seas, from food security to climate regulation, that their conservation and sustainable management is paramount for not only their biodiversity but also our future. 

Thousands of young people across the UK are passionate about our country’s moths, butterflies, birds and bees. But we are alarmed at the ongoing loss of nature and wildlife caused by intensive farming, climate change, pollution of our waterways and wildlife persecution. We would like to meet with you, during this election campaign, to explain why we think restoring nature needs to be a top priority for the next government.

Signed by,

Matt Williams, UK Youth for Nature Coordinator

Lizzie Daly, wildlife biologist and presenter

Bella Lack

James Miller, young environmental campaigner 

Veronika Pudilova 

Adam Barnett, young environmental campaigner

Hattie Clayton 

Arjun Dutta, young environmental campaigner

Holly Gilibrand, young environmental activist

Celina Chien, conservation photojournalist

Pete Cooper, mammal conservationist and zoo ranger

Emily Seccombe, Director, A Focus on Nature

Dara McAnulty

Tabea Wilkes

Elliot Newton, Citizen Zoo

Eron Sahota, sustainable architecture student

Oliver Riley-Smith, Young Environmental campaigner and wildlife conservationist

Kabir Kaul, young conservationist

Matt Collis, Ecologist 

Sam Kiff-O’Callaghan, aspiring zoologist and wildlife photographer

Emily Cooper, conservationist and writer

Lucy Hodson, conservationist. New Nature Mag. 

Sophie Pavelle, zoologist and science communicator 

Hannah Rudd, marine biologist and conservationist

Catherine Clifton

Mya Bambrick, young conservationist and wildlife photographer

Kate Stephenson

Georgia Locock

Lydia Allen

Let’s build something together.

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