Mini Campaigns

Mini campaigns are intended to be much shorter and simpler than our flagship campaigns. These are used to highlight specific issues, dates or moments.

Peatland burning & Peat imports

On the 28th October we took part in the #BanTheBurn campaign to ban peatland burning. This was 1 year since a ban was promised and 1 year until COP26. We’ll be doing more action on this and peat compost extraction.

The Power Series

This is intended to support all of our campaigns. ‘Power of’ posts are either short videos (10-30 seconds), posts, gifs, other media, that explain the relevance, importance and power of different aspects/elements of nature e.g. parks, political youth empowerment, woodlands, SSSIs etc. Watch this space!

World Rewilding Day

March 20th 2021 was the world’s first World Rewilding Day! Check out our Resources for guidance on how to rewild your local green space and how to get in touch with your local council.

Freshwater pollution

We launched our #DeadInTheWater campaign on the 26th March. See the campaign video here:


Watch this space!

How to get involved?

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