Natural Kingdom: Wild Walls

Video explaining our Mural Campaign

In 2021, we ran our biggest, most creative campaign to date. From June, all the way up to COP26 in November, we worked with artists and communities all over the UK to install murals depicting locally declining species.

Natural Kingdom: Wild Walls was a journey of imagination; a public art odyssey that continues to engage audiences in the importance of nature and wildlife and paint a concrete vision of a more biodiverse future.

Nature is in catastrophic decline across the UK and is at huge risk due to climate change. In 2021, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) and the UN Climate change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow will define the future of our natural environment for decades. Nature, and the solutions it offers for mitigating climate change and building resilience, has to be at the centre of these negotiations.

The vital links between biodiversity and climate change can no longer be exempt from climate action.

Our mission was…

To commission a series of murals in cities and towns throughout the UK that speak to individuals throughout all four nations. Driven by the power of the visual arts, these murals will highlight species and habitats, directly relevant to where they are painted, that are in decline.

To work with partners, artists, organisations, and individuals to secure walls and artists, ensuring that the murals are created by the communities they are embedded in.

Check back here often to find our newest walls to be released.

Find out if we come to a city near you!

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