Liverpool Wild Wall


Species Info:
Northern Dune Tiger Beetle (Cicindela hybrida)

The Grafton Street side of 51 Stanhope Street L8 5RE (On the crossroads opposite The Brewery Tap.)

Map below

Date Completed:
9th July 2021


ATM is one of the UK’s most well-known and recognisable nature artists. He has painted our Liverpool Wild Wall which will become part of his larger portfolio of extinction-threatened species – a portfolio of walls that spans both the UK and into Europe.
ATM has worked with multiple galleries and organisations, including New Networks for Nature and Biome Productions, to bring his art into public awareness. He is featured on the Global Street Art Agency and has been featured by the Guardian.


  • The Good Business Festival, with the support of Liverpool City Council and Cultural Liverpool, is our priority partner for our Liverpool wall. The Good Business Festival aims to tackle the world’s greatest challenges by bringing together the smartest minds to think big, galvanise our ambitions and focus on progressand not perfection. UKY4N are an Education Partner at The Good Business Festival Youth Summit which will bring together hundreds of young people to challenge business leaders on the effect their businesses are having on climate change, the oceans, rainforests, animal habitats and our food supply. Watch this space for new dates! 
  • Dot Art is a Liverpool-based art gallery that specialises in locally-sourced and affordable art. Dot Art is also a hub for visual artists, supporting them to bring art into the public sphere, and working to engage people from all walks of life with art. Dot Art have been instrumental in bringing about our Liverpool Wild Wall.

Political Engagement
  • 2021 is a critical year for the environment and will set the course for the next decade, with countries coming forward to set new climate and nature pledges for 2030.
  • Young people are calling for urgent action to address the crises facing nature and the climate. This year will lock in the actions countries will take by 2030.
  • Nature and climate are interlinked: climate change is one of the greatest threats to the natural world, but restoring nature can tackle climate change by locking away carbon in healthy ecosystems.


  1. To put pressure on politicians in the lead up to COP26 to commit to protecting nature
  2. To increase awareness of issues surrounding local nature + biodiversity

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Premade Post (for socials)

A Northern Dune Tiger Beetle has arrived in Liverpool! This mural is the first of many to appear across the four nations as part of @UKYouth4Nature ‘s #Natural Kingdom: #WildWalls campaign, aiming to emphasise the links between the #ClimateCrisis and the UK’s #NatureCrisis 🌿


The Good Business Festival (Delayed)

Image of ATM standing next to one of his paintings.
Image courtesy of inspiringcity – Showing ATM besides one of their paintings.


Species/habitat info and links:

There is so much more you can discover about the Northern Dune Tiger Beetle, from facts about its speed and its Merseyside habitat to information on the Sefton coast (2) and other gems of the dunes. You can learn about the projects conserving the dunes and the reasons for conservation, from climate change to coastal squeeze, and how they are being managed. You can read up on how we can all adapt to these shifting shores, and if you want to go the extra mile and become a tiger beetle expert, you can have a glance at the species information guide too!

“That’s the hope isn’t it? To get people interested, and then, caring about these things”

ATM (@atmstreetart)

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