The Organising Team

Matt Williams
Co-Director and Founder

I’m a lifelong environmentalist and birdwatcher. I am also the Global Coordinator of Youth for Our Planet, the international youth movement that UKY4N is part of. In my “spare” time I work as an environmental policy expert for the National Trust and enjoy walks with my springer spaniel Tess and one year old daughter Flora.

Talia Goldman

Unlike some of the team, my roots are very much in the humanities. I’ve spent the last 5 years working in political comms, campaigning and sustainability. I currently work in ESG and spent the last year as a Policy Advisor on the UK’s COP26 Nature Campaign!
I’m an all-round nature enthusiast and get stressed when I don’t go outside.

Joe Wilkins
Head of Campaigns

I’m a postgraduate student at Aberystwyth University studying MSc Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation. This follows on from my BSc Ecology and Environment at Imperial. I’m very much an outdoor person, specifically anything related to water, but I’m also a keen distance runner and cyclist.

Bred Beckett
Head of Strategic Comms

I have a MRes looking into the effect that climate change will have on forestry ecosystems, using spiders as an indicator species. I have worked on studies at both sides of the temperate region, taught spider identification courses in several countries and presented at UK conferences. Invertebrate appreciation is very important to me. If you don’t find me looking down a microscope, I’m probably nerding out about gardening, travelling, hiking, or watch van renovations online!

Aura Goldman
Creative Director

I am a PhD student completing a doctorate in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience. I am also a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and a lecturer. My interests in the field of psychology lie primarily in ecopsychology, behavioural change, and the study of consciousness. I love to be outdoors (especially if there is any climbing, bouldering or hiking involved) and try and spend as much of my day there as I can!

Glesni Lewis
Graphic Design Lead

I’m a Biology graduate from the University of York, with interests including creating art and digital illustrations for fun and to raise awareness for a range of issues. I am excited to be using art to help with nature and conservation campaigns.

Juliette Bone
Partnerships Coordinator

Growing up in Dorset I have always had a great love and appreciation for nature.
I am happiest when my wellies are covered in mud, walking along the coastline with my friends or swimming in the sea at any time of the year! I am super keen about young people using their voices to protect the environment and preserve nature for future generations.

Max Spokes
Key Organiser

I’m a student from Oxfordshire with a particular interest in environmental histories and politics. I’ve been in the UKY4N team for over a year, working on the Wild Walls project and the nature stunt for this year’s CBD COP. I believe the greatest problems we face stem from our society’s broken relationship with the natural world, and to tackle the climate and ecological crises, we must urgently transform how our human world relates to, and interacts with, the natural world of which we are but one part. Youth movements, including UKY4N, are at the forefront of driving this transformation.

Ellen Bradley
Key Organiser

Growing up in the New Forest I was always surrounded by nature, which led me to complete a Biology Msci at Bristol Uni, my research investigated electroreception in freshwater invertebrates. I now work as head of communications and outreach for Curlew Action, have been part of the campaign for a GCSE in natural history, and in my spare time I have a small wildlife art business.

Jane Williamson
Key Organiser

Growing up in the north of Scotland made me fascinated by the natural world, and how we fit into it as humans, from a very young age. Currently taking a year out to explore farming as the interface of people and nature, I have a massive interest in systems biology and how biodiversity underpins human health, and hope to study biology at Uni from Sept ’22. Happiest when on my bike, up a hill or in the sea, I think access to nature should be a right not a privilege, as what you don’t know and love, you can’t fight to protect.

Hannah Branwood
Social Media Lead

A Wildlife Conservation graduate, currently completing an MPhil investigating the effects of climate change on species with disjunct distributions. I work part-time as a research assistant, looking into the success of plant reintroductions or helping out in the lab. I am super passionate about outreach and making science and nature accessible to all. At the weekend, you’ll find me pulling pints behind a bar or heading off into some nature nearby! 

Anissa Patel

I’m currently studying BSc Biological Sciences with Professional Placement at the University of Exeter. I got involved with UKY4N due to my love of the environment, hiking, animals and green spaces. Young people need to use their voices to make changes for their future!

Christina Derrick

I’m an ecologist who is passionate about seeing environmental policy that has real impacts on the ground, not just on paper. I have a range of experience from fieldwork in the UK and abroad, and desk-based research positions which I hope to put to good use with UKY4N.

Danielle Shaw

I am passionate about communicating conservation issues and advocating for political change. I work as a Communications Officer for an environmental NGO, and run a blog, Natures Good News, which promotes conservation optimism and ways we can all help the environment. Previously, I studied Biological Sciences BSc and Conservation and Resource Management MRes at the University of Liverpool.

Ella Gregory

My care for this planet and the beings who live on it has motivated me for my whole life.  I love spending time in nature, going on long walks, cycling, practicing hatha yoga and simply spending time sitting and meditating in nature! I begin studying my bachelor’s in International Development next year and hope to use what I learn in that to help the move towards a way of life that values the Earth and protects it and all that lives there too.

Monica Kaur Bhatia – Content writer

My love for nature started by watching wildlife documentaries with my dad – after years of seeing others dedicate their careers to saving the planet I decided I wanted to be just like them.

James Miller

I’m an environmental campaigner and filmmaker who has been making films about wildlife since I was 13. I’m a passionate campaigner on the biodiversity and climate crises, and am working with NGOs and activists around the world to mobilise my generation ahead of COP26 next year.

Mya-Rose Craig

I am a prominent British-Bangladeshi naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist committed to protecting our planet and people by stopping biodiversity loss and climate change, and have been recognised for pioneering change through founding Black2Nature to run nature camps for BAME children, conferences and campaign for equal access to nature.

Jazz Ghataora

I’m a PhD student at the University of Bath investigating methods to monitor and remove heavy metal pollutants from river and lakes. I’ve developed biological sensors which detect toxic metals such as mercury and lead and aim to develop these into user friendly tools. Also I’m currently working on research which will lead to the subsequent removal of these metals from water using eco-friendly methods. My interests include scientific research & communication, environmental activism and playing bass.

Joshua Harris

I’m a recent Zoology graduate and an accomplished wildlife photographer and filmmaker. I am passionate about ecology and in particular reintroducing beavers to the UK – I currently work for the Beaver Trust. I also present my own wildlife and science communication films and enjoy running ultramarathons.

Sathvika Krishnan

I have completed my A-Levels and am an aspiring naturalist. With a particular fascination for ornithology, I have an innate love for the natural world. I am also a Youth Council Member for Reserva: YLT. Aside from my passion for wildlife, I am an avid musician.

Veronika Pudilova

I am studying Geographical Information Sciences MSc at Edinburgh University and I am particularly interested in urban nature, environmental justice, trees, fungi, and maps. I am an ecology nerd and proudly autistic. I previously studying Biology at Imperial College London and wrote my dissertation in the form of a policy proposal on how to improve green spaces for urban wildlife. I have also volunteered with the National Trust and as an Urban Ranger in Morden Hall Park.

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