Vanishing is a response to drastic biodiversity decline in the UK.

#Vanishing underpins all of our campaigns – a constant reminder that we need urgent action to address the loss of species and habitats across the UK.

The State of Nature

The State of Nature Report released last year contained some shocking statistics: 41% of our species are facing moderate or severe declines, and 1 in 7 is threatened with extinction. In fact, in a recent study, the UK ranked 189th in the world for its levels of biodiversity.

Politicians need to take strong action to reverse these declines, for the intrinsic value of those beautiful, unique species but also their crucial importance in supporting human society through ecosystem services. Currently the government is drastically failing to meet biodiversity targets, and for some species, it will soon be too late.

We’re trying to put pressure on them to do so, through the creation of a video that highlights these declines and details a list of key asks for the government. This video, entirely written and presented by young wildlife campaigners from around the UK, should potently emphasise the discrepancy in experiences of nature between younger generations and older ones, and the rapidity and severity of the changes that have occurred within a single lifetime.

Alongside this, to raise awareness of the campaign and the plight of British wildlife, we’re running a social media campaign, where weekly we post a photo of a species that is disappearing in the UK, with statistics about its decline.

Between these two aspects of our Vanishing campaign, we hope to play our part as the youth voice in the UK calling for urgent action on the biodiversity crisis.

We can’t hope to ask other countries to protect elephants, orangutans or snow leopards when we’re failing to save even our hedgehogs.

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